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tv   Summer Reading With Representative Thomas Massie  CSPAN  May 30, 2015 9:56pm-10:01pm EDT

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of the numbers how many scientists do we let an or lettuce pickers but it is a bedrock of our country. i don't think of it has been controversial i think illegal immigration is the real thing that has to be solved and i am very glad both of these have tackled this in a provocative but provocative way thank you for their comments and for their book. [applause] [inaudible conversations]
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>> this summer i reading a book this deck i was given when i came to congress all congressmen were given this book is jefferson's manual. the rules of the house written by thomas jefferson. when he was vice president he was in the senate and said what is my job? we need something to go by so he did a lot of are indeed not a technical sense but rip-off and a duplicate he went to parliament and take all of their rubles and wrote them down -- their rubles and broken-down to go back to see how parliament was run when he would rip-off and duplicate all of that obviously there has
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been updated and i am fascinated it is like reading of programming manual most people would fall asleep about half a page but i could get through 20 pages a day because i find it fascinating and there is some secrets in in the rules if you can understand the issue could get more done in congress. if you were in the speaker's chair you were handed a written notes that is the of parliamentarians telling them what is in order and if you work from the floor you would like to work with him and to compose music and if you understand the rules in a proper order then that gives influence which
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otherwise you would not have any keeps you from looking stupid. . .
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next booktv "after words." professor kenji yoshino looks at the case hollingsworth v. perry which consider the constitutionality of propositon eight, the law that presented the right of same-sex couples to


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